Sby And Military Face Test In Kopassus Cebongan Jail Killings Case

The Daily Express too voices a longing for peace - not least because the other possibilities are so disturbing. In the end, it says, this crisis "is certainly not worth risking a third world war over". Labour crisis After his disagreements with the unions and ahead of his appearance at next week's TUC conference, Labour leader Ed Miliband, is in the worst crisis since he became leader, according to the Daily Mirror . The paper fears that he has landed Labour "in a potentially fatal financial mess". It says Mr Cameron will be laughing all the way to the bank as Labour and the unions head for the divorce courts. The Sun addresses the news that the GMB union is to cut the affiliation funds it gives Labour with the comment: "You have to wonder whether Mr Miliband had any idea what he was getting into." Universal criticism Coverage of the National Audit Office's verdict on changes to the welfare system will make discouraging reading for ministers. The Daily Telegraph concludes that the spending watchdog has given the Universal Credit reform a mauling. Perfection "Is this really the perfect face?" the Sun asks , in a classic question-to-which-the-answer-is-no headline. Plastic surgeons, cosmetic dentists, and beauticians taking part in a survey have listed the features in female celebrities that their clients most admire, and the paper has enterprisingly combined their answers in a composite image.
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His subordinates, Second Sgt. Sugeng Sumaryanto and First Corporal Kodik, face lesser sentences. The outcome of the tribunal will shine a light on a legal process few activists trust and Yudhoyono, a former four-star Army general, has been reluctant to reform during his two terms in office. The president could have pushed for a redraft of the nations Military Law to require members of the armed forces to face civilian courts. Healso could have demanded a team of independent investigators handled the case,Hendardi said.
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