Consumer Reports Gives Chevy Impala Rave Reviews - Jul. 25, 2013

The newly redesigned Impala, which only recently entered dealerships, replaces a previous generation that scored at the bottom of its class in Consumer Reports' tests. "It has been transformed from a woefully uncompetitive and outdated model that was to be avoided even as a free upgrade at the rental-car counter into a thoroughly modern and remarkably enjoyable vehicle," the magazine says in its review of the Impala. General Motors ( GM , Fortune 500 )' Impala earned the highest score among all sedans, a ranking that, for at least two decades, seemed reserved for European and Japanese cars. Only two cars now score better than the Impala: the electrically powered Tesla Model S, which is classified as a hatchback by Consumer Reports, and the BMW 135i coupe. The magazine started using a numerical scoring system in 1992. Consumer Reports had recently called the Model S the all-out best car it ever tested . The Model S earned a score of 99 out of a possible 100 compared to the Impala's 95. Gallery - America's best-loved cars With a score of 95 out of a possible 100 points, the Impala outscores cars costing as much as $20,000 more, the magazine said. "The Impala's performance is one more indicator of an emerging domestic renaissance," said Jake Fisher, director of Consumer Reports automotive testing in the statement. A number of other models from U.S.-based automakers have also stood out recently, Fisher said.
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