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Its decisions will be reflected in the upcoming 2014 budget. The country's annual growth rate picked up slightly to 4.3% in the second quarter. It was bolstered by strong government spending before national elections in May and resilient domestic demand helped by large infrastructure projects under Najib's ETP. Mohd Irwan added that he has spoken with officials from rating agency Moody's, who said they will consider Malaysia ratings only after the new budget is revealed. Another ratings agency Fitch cut its outlook on Malaysia's A-minus sovereign debt to negative from stable in July, citing a lack of reform to tackle rising debt. The Ringgit has lost more than 7% so far this year against the dollar and stocks have slid nearly 7 from their peaks in mid May amid a global emerging market sell-off, sparked by the US central bank's plan to soon begin tapering back its stimulus and growing fiscal strains in some developing countries. - Reuters, August 29, 2013. Perkasa panggil ketua pemuda kerana desak Najib letak jawatan The Malaysian Insider Sayap pemuda Pertubuhan Pribumi Perkasa Kebangsaan (Perkasa) mengejutkan ramai pihak apabila membuat gesaan supaya Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Najib Razak meletak jawatan ekoran gagal menguruskan negara dengan baik.
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Remember, sharing is caring so share them a lot. Log-in | Register This man was fired for protecting our clean water -- let's get his job back! For the last 39 years, George Elmaraghy worked toprotect our streams, rivers, and lakes for the people of Ohio. But then he crossed Big Coal millionaire Bob Murray, when his division of the Ohio EPA turned down Murray Energy's request to use a river as their own coal slurry waste pit. And now it appears Murray, a big contributor to Ohio Governor John Kasich, got him fired. The work of our state environmental agencies all across this country is so important, and we need to make sure narrow self-interests like Murray Energy aren't calling the shots. The Governor hoped no one would notice, but George Elmaraghy had the courage to speak out and fight back. Let's join him. Sign the petition today: Big Coal can't buy our government. Give George his job back now! Complete the form below with your information. Click the "Sign the Petition" button and add your name to our petition to: Governor John Kasich
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