Mont. judge sorry for comments on teacher rape case

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Kecelakaan yang terjadi sekitar pukul 03.50 WIB ini langsung direspon petugas untuk proses evakuasi. "Untuk arus lalu lintas sudah cenderung ramai lancar menjelang lokasi kecelakaan," kata petugas Jasa Marga, Deni saat dihubungi detikcom, Jumat (30/8/2013). Sopir mobil bernopol B 1332 KKC tersebut diduga mengantuk sehingga kurang antisipasi saat mengendarai. Namun belum ada laporan mengenai ada tidaknya korban dalam kecelakaan ini. "Saat ini kami masih menunggu konfirmasi penyebabnya dan apakah ada korban dari petugas di lokasi," ujar Deni. Posisi mobil sudah digeser oleh petugas ke lajur paling kiri. Hal ini dilakukan untuk menghindari kepadatan kendaraan menjelang jam sibuk lalu lintas. "Sekitar Pancoran mulai agak tersendat," tutup Deni.
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"I'm glad he apologized, but he should have known better as a judge," Rice said. "The fact that he said it makes me think he still believes it." If Baugh doesn't resign, protesters will try to defeat him in an election in 2014, Rice said. Baugh was first elected to the bench in 1984 and has been re-elected every six years since then without an opponent. He said he has not decided whether to run again in 2014. Rambold was charged in October 2008 with three counts of sexual intercourse without consent after authorities alleged he had an ongoing sexual relationship with Cherice Moralez, starting the previous year when she was 14. Moralez killed herself in 2010 at age 16 while the case was pending. AP Photo: Billings Gazette, Paul Ruhter Stacey Rambold received a sentence of just 30 days in jail for having sex with a 14-year-old girl. Yellowstone County officials agreed to defer Rambold's prosecution for three years and dismiss the charges if he completed a sexual offender treatment program. The case was revived in December after prosecutors learned Rambold, 54, was kicked out of the program for having unsupervised visits with minors who were family members and not telling counselors he was having a sexual relationship with a woman. "She wasn't even old enough to get a driver's license. But Judge Baugh, who never met our daughter, justified the paltry sentence saying she was older than her chronological age," the girl's mother, Auleia Hanlon, said in a statement to the Gazette after Monday's sentencing. "I guess somehow it makes a rape more acceptable if you blame the victim, even if she was only 14." Under state law, children younger than 16 cannot consent to sexual intercourse. Defense attorney Jay Lansing said Rambold has continued his treatment with a different program and that an evaluation found him at low risk to re-offend.
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Work Capability Assessment is unsuitable for those with mental health problems - Mind

As the report states, far too many people are having to go through a lengthy appeals process in order to get the right decision and the whole process is having a very damaging impact on peoples health. We also welcome the recognition that the WCA is particularly unsuitable for people with mental health problems. Not only is the current system unfair but, as the Public Accounts Committee highlighted, it is also poor value for money because of the high cost of appeals, the lack of accountability for Atos Healthcare, and the knock-on costs for health services. We welcome improvements that the government has made to the system in recent years however we believe that significant further changes are needed. In particular, we want to see much greater use of additional evidence about applicants, expert assessors for applicants with mental health problems, and improvements to the criteria used in the assessment.
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U.S. allows states permitting marijuana | New York News

Justice Department memo. The new memo written by Deputy Atty. Gen. James M. Cole is a sharp turn from the last memo he wrote in 2011, in which he emphasized that commercial marijuana operations were not protected by their states laws.The document released Thursday said prosecutors should not consider the size or commercial nature of a marijuana operation alone as a factor for enforcement. U.S.
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