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But not by much, and that matters. The monthly Windows Phone report from the AdDuplex group is out for August, and is essentially a repeat of Julys figures : The Lumia 520 is crushing other Windows Phone handsets, and Nokia is quickly becoming the de facto OEM of the platform as HTC slips. Nokia moved from 85 percent market share of Windows Phone hardware in July, to 86.9 percent in August. Rounding that to 87 percent, we can say it gained two points in a month. At this pace, Nokia will quickly consume the small slice of the Windows Phone platform that it does not control. And, as AdDuplex notes, the Lumia 1020 is outselling the also recently released Lumia 928, meaning that, most likely, Nokias sales are accelerating.
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Five percent? If so, its three months away from that point. Thats before the holidays. Total Windows Phone handset shipments are expanding. The platform could conceivably ship 10 million units in the fourth quarter. However, unless something dramatic changes in the Windows Phone market, and quickly, those fourth-quarter devices will likely be from the Nokia Lumia family. Good or bad? That Windows Phone is expanding is catnip to Microsoft, but declining platform support is dangerous. Windows Phone is now more dependent on Nokias health than ever before. Therefore, Microsofts mobile efforts are fully dependent on Nokias action. This is disconcerting, given how expensive and important the Windows Phone effort is to Microsoft.
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