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Michelle Obama Says Barack Is Working to Make Americans Free From Government Posted by Jim Hoft on Saturday, July 27, 2013, 5:08 PM Michelle Obama told supporters in her latest email that Barack is working to make Americans free from government. Only an absolute imbecile would believe that. (NWFree Press) Under Obama 101 million Americans are on food assistance. In March 2013, a record 8,853,614 Americans were collecting disability. Since Barack Obama became president in January 2009 over 5.7 million Americans were put on disability. Under Obama half of US states will expand their Medicaid programs thanks to Obamacare. But, Michelle Obama says Obama is working to make Americans free of government. Democratic voters are so gullible. In an e-mail to supporters, First Lady Michelle Obama says she grew up in a family that didnt need help from the government, and that her husband is working to make Americans free from dependence on government once again. In her message sent yesterday from democratparty@democrats.org, Mrs. Obama says: When I was growing up, a family like mine living on my hard-working fathers salary at the city water plant could build a solid life without much debt and without relying on any form of public assistance. Today, for too many families, that American promise is no longer within reach.
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Unless Congress wipes out spending cuts currently in law and replaces them with higher taxes, he says he will not sign any of the spending bills needed to keep the government open. This afternoon, the White House was given a chance to walk back that idea and responded by doubling down. In response to questioning at the daily White House press briefing about the potential for a shutdown, the presidents spokesman offered a lengthy, circuitous answer that boils down to: replacing spending cuts with another round of tax increases is so critical that the consequences are of no concern. You can read it here . In a follow-up question, he was pressed to take a shutdown off the table, but offered only a dodge: Q So if Republicans don't accept the obvious wisdom of this argument, is a government shutdown in -- MR. CARNEY: Look, I think that you would have to ask Republicans about what their plan is for investing in Americas future Twice asked. Twice refused to take the shut down threat off the table. This scenario is a lose-lose for the American economy: either a tumultuous government shutdown or further job losses as a result of tax hikes. And it cuts away all credibility the White House has when it decries as it regularly does such political tactics. The president evidently believes the only time a government shutdown is righteous is in the pursuit of higher taxes. Thats surely not a gambit most Americans would support. Instead, the president should work with Republicans to address our spending problem in a meaningful way. Reforming and saving our entitlement programs and reigning in our long-term structural imbalances is the solution to easing sequestration not a government shutdown.
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Speaker.gov | The One (Only) Thing to Watch For Wednesday: An Obama-Induced Government Shutdown?

There promises to be little novel to the speech, outside of one potential and significant bit of news: whether the president will threaten a government shutdown later this year. The New York Times reports the president plans to use his remarks to set his terms for upcoming debates over the federal budget. This translates to the president previewing what he may demand in exchange for his signature on bills to keep open the government, which will run out of funding in October. At issue is whether the president will again threaten a government shutdown unless Congress provides him higher taxes on small businesses to replace the deficit reduction produced by the automatic spending cuts sequestration that are currently in place. You see, last month, through a series of Statements of Administration Policy, the president announced that he would not sign ANY spending bills this year unless sequestration spending cuts are eliminated and replaced with his plan for higher, job-destroying taxes. The result of refusing to sign into law any spending bills, of course, would mean an unavoidable government shutdown. This was a stunning announcement for a president who has decried manufactured crises in Washington. It was particularly galling after the president had stated publicly as well as told congressional leaders privately that the issues of funding the government and addressing sequestration should be dealt with separately. When the president raised this specter of vetoing all spending bills, Speaker Boehner sent him an urgent letter seeking assurance that he was not willing to put the country through the turmoil of a government shutdown in his pursuit of higher taxes.
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