Speaker.gov | White House: Yes, We Stand by Our Government Shutdown Threat

Right now, this is the last stop before Obamacare fully kicks in on Jan. 1 of next year, for us to refuse to fund it, Lee said on Fox News Fox and Friends. + reset Lee said he has 13 or 14 senators with him on the issue and added that there is a parallel effort in the House. ( PHOTOS: 25 unforgettable Obamacare quotes ) Congress, of course, has to pass a law to continue funding government, he said. Lately, weve been doing that through a funding mechanism called a continuing resolution. If Republicans in both houses simply refuse to vote for any continuing resolution that contains further funding for further enforcement of Obamacare, we can stop it, we can stop the individual mandate from going into effect. Lee clarified that he was not talking about certain parts of the law that are already in effect, such as kids being able to stay on their parents plans until they are 26. He said they were focused on unpopular parts of the law such as the individual mandate.
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Unless Congress wipes out spending cuts currently in law and replaces them with higher taxes, he says he will not sign any of the spending bills needed to keep the government open. This afternoon, the White House was given a chance to walk back that idea and responded by doubling down. In response to questioning at the daily White House press briefing about the potential for a shutdown, the presidents spokesman offered a lengthy, circuitous answer that boils down to: replacing spending cuts with another round of tax increases is so critical that the consequences are of no concern. You can read it here . In a follow-up question, he was pressed to take a shutdown off the table, but offered only a dodge: Q So if Republicans don't accept the obvious wisdom of this argument, is a government shutdown in -- MR. CARNEY: Look, I think that you would have to ask Republicans about what their plan is for investing in Americas future Twice asked. Twice refused to take the shut down threat off the table.
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Portugal government to stay in power

Ruling out early polls, President Anibal Cavaco Silva on Sunday said that he is opting for the best alternative which is the continuation in office of the current government. The coalition, which has overcome an internal rift that triggered the crisis in early July, has presented guarantees of a solid understanding on how to successfully complete the bailout programme and allow Portugal to return to full market financing, Silva said. The coalition almost split on July 2 when Foreign Minister Paulo Portas, the leader of the junior party, threatened to resign raising fears that Portugal would be unable to abide by the terms of its $102 billion international bailout. The crisis had threatened to derail Lisbon's planned exit from the EU/IMF bailout, especially after talks on a broader political deal between the two coalition parties and the opposition Socialists collapsed on Friday. But a compromise was reached within the coalition when Portas was appointed deputy to Prime Minister Pedro Passos Coelhoa move that required the president's agreement, which he gave late Sunday. Positive move Some observers have called the decision a positive one that would remove uncertainty among investors. "I think it's a positive decision to calm down investors that removes uncertainty and maintains the drive of meeting the bailout goals," says Rui Barbara, an economist at Banco Carregosa.
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