Mumbai could face floods, says Maharashtra government quoting report

miller60 writes "The U.S. government keeps finding more data centers. Federal agencies have about 7,000 data centers , according to the latest stats from the ongoing IT consolidation process. The number started at 432 in 1999, but soon began to rise as agencies found more facilities, and exploded once the Obama administration decided to include server closets as well as dedicated data centers. The latest estimate is more than double the 3,300 facilities the government thought it had last year. The process has led to the closure of 484 data centers thus far, with another 855 planned over the next year. The GAO continues to call for the process to look beyond the number of facilities and focus on savings ."
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Four explosions were heard in the area, where "terrorists" seized control of one government building, another building was under fire and the wall of a third had collapsed, Pakistan's PTV reported. PTV said five people had been killed and 38 injured, and that gunfire was continuing in Sukkur, more than 1,000 kilometres (600 miles) south of the capital Islamabad. Javed Odho, a senior police officer told AFP, that the attack took place in an area where Pakistan's premier Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) agency, the police and paramilitary had offices. "Armed people have attacked. Apparently it is an organised terrorist attack, we have sent heavy contingent of police to the site," he said, speaking by telephone from the town. There was no immediate claim of responsibility. Pakistan's ISI and government security forces are frequent targets for the country's umbrella Taliban movement waging a domestic insurgency. But Sukkur has been traditionally immune from such violence, more frequently seen in the northwest on the Afghan border or in Pakistan's cities of Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi and Peshawar. For NDTV Updates,
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Mike Lee threatens government shutdown By JAMES ARKIN | 7/22/13 10:52 AM EDT There is growing support among Republicans for a plan to shut down the government to block funding for Obamacare, Sen. Mike Lee said Monday. Right now, this is the last stop before Obamacare fully kicks in on Jan. 1 of next year, for us to refuse to fund it, Lee said on Fox News Fox and Friends. + reset Lee said he has 13 or 14 senators with him on the issue and added that there is a parallel effort in the House. ( PHOTOS: 25 unforgettable Obamacare quotes ) Congress, of course, has to pass a law to continue funding government, he said. Lately, weve been doing that through a funding mechanism called a continuing resolution. If Republicans in both houses simply refuse to vote for any continuing resolution that contains further funding for further enforcement of Obamacare, we can stop it, we can stop the individual mandate from going into effect. Lee clarified that he was not talking about certain parts of the law that are already in effect, such as kids being able to stay on their parents plans until they are 26. He said they were focused on unpopular parts of the law such as the individual mandate. We already knew that Obamacare was going to be unaffordable, he said. Now we know that its going to be unfair as well because the presidents rewriting it, not just once, but twice, by telling us that hes not going to enforce the employer mandate but that hes going to leave individuals on the hook, hard working Americans who cant afford lobbyists to get to him at the White House.
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In his written reply to a question raised by an Nationalist Congress Party or NCP legislator about the possibility of a July 26, 2005, type flood striking Mumbai again, State Environment Minister Sanjay Deotale informed the House that The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) had warned about a possible recurrence in its primary report submitted to the state government. After TERI submits its final report, its recommendations would be sent to Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation or BMC for action to be taken, Mr Deotale said. He said that the BMC's report on completion of works prior to the monsoon had mentioned desilting and widening of nullahs, desilting of the Mithi river and increasing the capacity of nullahs among the measures designed to stave off floods. For NDTV Updates,
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