How to Avoid Spending a Fortune on Baby Clothes

Raising kids is an expensive task, but baby clothes is one area parents might be able to save a buck or two. A parent could potentially spend thousands on take-me-home sets and everyday easy pieces before baby even gets out of diapers. From the start, moms and dads need to be thinking about cutting costs when it comes to dressing their little ones. Planning ahead is the key to saving a fortune on baby clothes.


The most obvious solution is hand-me-downs clothes. The great thing about dressing kids is that most of the clothing survives especially in the early years. Moms expecting their first little one can turn to friends and family for clothing supplies. Check to see who has some comfy snug-fits, adorable little dresses and easy to change pant sets hiding in their closets. As your infant out grows something sweet, store it away for the next baby who needs it.

If no one in your life has baby clothes to offer, chances are they donated them to charity thrift stores. That would be the next place to look for some inexpensive hand-me-down options. Clothing from second-hand stores is often in reason. Babies grow fast. Many new moms get more outfits than they do time. A baby may wear a soft blanket sleeper only a few times before needing an upgrade to the next size. Sift through the bins at your local thrift store looking for cheap baby clothes.

About that Baby Shower

Everyone loves to give cute, little baby clothes to a newborn. That is one problem with baby showers – too many of the gifts will not fit in the next year. You can help pad your clothing options by asking friends and family to buy larger sizes too. Make sure to request outfits to fit an 18-month-old, a two-year-old, and even older. You can avoid getting 20 dreamy sleepers all in size 0, and get stuff that will fit as baby gets bigger. If possible, sign up for a baby register at one of the local stores to encourage people to buy clothing in larger sizes.

Hit the Sales before Baby Comes

Parents have months to stock up on clothing. Waiting until the last minute guarantees you will pay more. Start tracking cheap baby clothes sales as soon as you know your new one is on the way. Buying while you are still pregnant helps soften some of the nesting urges and builds excitement for the whole family. There will be plenty of things to spend money on once you bring the newborn home. You can use the months prior to delivery to fill the baby’s closet with cozy sleepers and adorable outfits.

Sign up for baby sites that offer discounts and coupons while you comb through the ads looking for sales. Since you are shopping, make sure to think ahead on sizes. Don’t just buy newborn clothes. Get stuff for toddlers while they are on sale.

Having a new baby is a joy, but paying for all the little needs is not so much. You can ease some of the burden by dressing your new one smart. With some planning, your baby will be stylish without breaking the bank.

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